5 Most Famous Female Players in Gambling History

If you thought that gambling is an activity designed primarily for men, you are probably not the only one who assumed that way. In popular culture, especially in Hollywood films and TV shows, you will see men in the casinos, playing high-stakes poker or rolling the dice. On the other hand, women appear as beautiful companions or the occasional femme fatale who distracts the lead gambler.

It is no secret that the industry’s prime target is the male audience, but that does not mean those female gamblers are nonexistent. In recent years, even software developers have recognized the increase of female punters by releasing girlish titles like Waikiki Titi, Samba Shake, and Lucky in Paris.

In 2013, the British newspaper, The Independent, even released a story stating that women find online gambling more appealing than drugs or alcohol. Here are five females who have made themselves known in the gambling industry.

  1. Lottie Deno

Lottie Deno lived during the Wild West, and she received the moniker Poker Queen for her outstanding skill in the game. This talented woman supposedly bested Doc Holliday on the table. She lived to the ripe, old age of 89 without any involvements in brothels, vices, political intrigue, or gunfights. As such, many female gamblers look up to her as a role model in this industry.

  1. Alice Ivers Duffield Tubbs Huckert

With a nickname of Poker Alice, this woman led an eventful life for nearly 80 years. She ran a brothel and carried a revolver wherever she went, earning her a reputation in the gambling circles. Her first husband showed her how to play the game, and when he died in a mining accident, Poker Alice turned to the tables for financial support.

  1. Judy Bayley

This fierce woman was not a gambler herself, but she became well-known for opening a casino in 1956. Though it was initially a joint venture with her husband, his death enabled her to become the first woman in Nevada to own and operate a casino on her own. As such, she earned the nickname, The First Lady of Gambling.

  1. Claudine Williams

This casino owner was the first woman to join Nevada’s Gaming Hall of Fame. Back in the 60s, Claudine Williams operated the Holiday Casino, the backbone of Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

  1. Vanessa Selbst

This female poker player won nearly 12 million US dollars from tournaments, and she has three bracelets from the World Series of Poker, the only woman to have done so in open events. Vanessa Selbst has since retired from the poker table and went back to her previous occupation, but her outstanding feats remain in the gambling industry.

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